When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Why? Because for over 25 years, they’ve been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through advertising, frilly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype.
They’re far too interested in guiding you to a new level of skin health fitness! So, while there packaging may not be designed to colour-coordinate with your bathroom, you can always be sure that they’ve spent their time on delivering your skin the high-performance formulas it needs. Plus, dermalogica never use common “beauty” ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colours and fragrances or other cheap fillers. Sure, it’s easier to formulate with them, but the bottom line is they’re just bad for your skin. Instead, dermalogica use ingredients that they know will work – dermalogica’s confidence founded by skin care professionals worldwide who use our products in their treatment rooms every day because they get results.

An expert in cosmetic aromatherapy, DECLÉOR allows you to be in harmony with yourself and your environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty and giving you radiant skin.
Our know-how combines scientific knowledge of plant energies with an in-depth understanding of the vital energies of the body, acquired through more than 35 years of plant-based treatments in beauty salons and spas.

DECLÉOR can offer you a unique beauty regime created from the rigorous selection of natural ingredients, careful proportioning and exclusive blends of active concentrates, resulting in effective and sense-enhancing daily care routines. These concentrated solutions of regenerating energy, containing active essential oils, have been specially formulated to ensure optimum affinity with your skin.

Their vision of beauty is inseparable from our vision of the world, where balance is respected and natural qualities are able to flourish.

PRIORI®, is the industry technology leader developed by scientists (not Doctors considered as the Anti-Ageing Authorities, the same scientists that bought you AHA in 1983, idebenone in 2004 and CoffeeBerry® in 2008. It is the most innovative source of anti-ageing science and proprietary patented technologies for the professional skincare market worldwide that are simply not available through any other professional skincare brand. Providing beauty professionals with unparalleled treatments and anti-ageing regimens, to experience a whole new level of skin rejuvenation beyond traditional cosmeceuticals. Theses top anti-ageing technologies are both pharmaceutically and medically endorsed and have been presented at the largest dermatology meetings in the world and in world renown peer reviewed medical journals.

PRIORI® comes from the Latin phrase ‘a priori’ meaning to cause effect. The name superbly describes their theory on the proper treatment of skin ageing- from its source thereby delivering the best effect. In addition PRIORI® should be your PRIORITY when it comes to skincare therapy.

INIKA, a luxury natural cosmetics brand that produces certified organic makeup and pure mineral makeup. Prior to INIKA, no company has been able to produce genuinely natural makeup that offers superior performance whilst at the same time being uniquely stylish and fashion forward.

INIKA ultilises the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer. All products are both glamorous and good for you. By combining certified organic ingredients with minerals, which have a built in sun protection, INIKA offers resistance to ultra-violet light whilst also providing light reflecting properties for the appearance of radiant, healthy skin and flawless coverage.

All INIKA products are 100% Certified Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. Many INIKA products are also Certified Organic with 95% of ingredients being of certified organic origin and the remaining 5% being of natural origin.INIKA products do NOT contain harsh chemicals, talc, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, harmful preservatives, fillers, mineral oils, fragrance or petrochemicals.

INIKA is suitable for all ages and most skin types, including those with allergies of sensitivies.

The INIKA brand provides

When you use INIKA makeup on your skin, you can immediately experience the light weight feeling, natural scent and kaliedescope of colours from the purest colour pigments. INIKA delivers a complete sensory experience allowing customers to fall in LOVE with INIKA products.